Update on My Spring Goals

Some of my friends have asked how I’m doing on my Spring “Bucket” List. I think I should have added “blog more than once a week” to my list, but maybe it’s just as well I didn’t, because I may not have been able to accomplish that. However, I’m making pretty good progress on the activities that are on my list…

  • Attend church convention in Tacoma, Washington.

    • Done. We were able to attend 4 services and came away encouraged.

  • Help Rebecca get chickens and build chicken coop.

    • Partially done. Rebecca got 4 chicks a few weeks ago and they are growing fast. We hope to build the chicken coop next week as it will soon be time to move them from their brooder.
  • Finish the sweater I started crocheting in February.

    • Partially done. I have finished the crocheting, but need to finish sewing it together and add the zipper.

  • Visit at least one waterfall to see the spring run-off.

    • We are being over-achievers on this one. We visited Snoqualmie Falls in February (when it was still technically winter, so that one doesn’t really count), then Shoshone Falls two weeks ago, and Post Falls last Sunday. I wouldn’t be surprised if we fit a few more in yet this spring.

  • Dewinterize our vintage trailer and go camping.

    • In progress. The trailer has been uncovered, and Lyle got the wheels and tires changed. We have a few more things we need to do to it before it will be ready to take camping.
  • Design or create a line of greeting cards.

    • I’ve been playing around with some designs but haven’t yet printed any.

  • Host booths for the print shop at local business fairs.

    • One down, one to go. The Post Falls Business Fair was yesterday evening. The Rathdrum one will be in June.
  • Plant sunflowers by the porch.

    • It’s still too early for any outdoor planting.
  • Decorate the porch for summer.

    • We had snow this morning, so no, haven’t done much outdoor decorating yet either.
  • Go on a Geocaching day trip.

    • Not yet.
  • Pick a bouquet of wildflowers.

    • Too early for picking wildflowers.
  • Invite friends over for a cook-out.

    • Waiting for warmer weather.

Are you noticing a theme here? Spring comes late in north Idaho. I’m definitely looking forward to warmer weather and sunny days soon!


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  • Michael Ann

    Chicks and trade shows and waterfalls, oh my!!! Can’t wait to hear about your camping trips and wildflowers! We still haven’t done any geocaching; maybe we’ll do that sometime.

  • mommyhon333

    You’ve done well and would no doubt have accomplished more if spring had sprung. This has been the craziest spring! Our wind has been miserable but just north of here they are having snow tonight. Unheard of. Truly!
    Your chicks are so cute. I bet they are snuggly and cuddly, too.
    Glad to see you guys working on the trailer again.
    And those waterfalls…I don’t think I have been an overachiever on any counts. Well done!!

  • Sheila @ Making the Most of Every Day

    Can’t wait to see your sweater when it’s done! I stopped knitting on my sweater because I hit a hard part and need help! Wish I were seeing you this year so you could tell me what to do. Love seeing your falls! No falls around here and haven’t had time to see any on our travels. I had a refrain in my update too although not the same as yours.

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