A Twig Rooster

For today’s Show & Tell I “brought” this fun little rooster that Granddaddy carved for me from a twig in the fall of 1994. We had gone camping at Beaver Lake in northwestern Arkansas, not too far from where my parents and grandparents lived. We invited them to come up and have supper with us one evening at the campground. They were delighted to do that. My parents were completely occupied playing with and entertaining our 2-year-old daughter who was their only grandchild at the time. Grandmother and Granddaddy were happy to sit around the fire and “visit”. Grandmother had brought along her crocheting, and Granddaddy had his pocket knife. He wandered around the campground a little while looking for just the right twig and this interesting piece of driftwood, before he settled down to whittle. This cunning little rooster is what emerged from the twig by the time the evening was over. He mounted it on the driftwood and presented it to me with instructions on how to varnish it. Granddaddy made many beautiful much-more-elaborate woodcarvings over the years, but I treasure this little rooster he whittled that evening at our campsite because it’s the one he made for me!
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