Touching Lives

For the past twenty years my dad has driven a school bus route to supplement his income as a pastor. His route is about 28 miles long, so he drives close to 60 miles each day. Over the years he has had some interesting, and often funny, stories to tell about some of the kids on his bus. At Christmas time and the end of the school year some of the children give him small gifts and cards. Last week one of the high school girls gave him this note as she got off the school bus:

Mr. Ezell,
I realized the other day that you basically watched me grow up. I started riding the bus when I was five years old, and now I am going to get my license and probably won’t ride the bus again, but a few times. You did more than just drive me to school. You really paid attention to me and the things I was involved in. To me, you are more than that old man that drives my bus, you really were a big part of my life, and a friend to me, and I thank you for that. I am very glad to have gotten to know you, and even though I will not be on the bus any more, I hope to see you around.
Molly L

I was very impressed by the thoughtfulness of this young lady to express her appreciation to someone who had touched her life. It was a good reminder to me that we just never know who we may be influencing as we go about the ordinary responsibilities of our daily lives. And I’m grateful for the example and influence of my dad.


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