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Taking pictures with my phone is a quick and easy way to chronicle the memorable moments of my life. I’m not much of a selfie taker, but I like sharing the more artsy shots on Instagram. I realize that not all my blog readers have Instagram, so I decided to start posting my most recent 8 shots here on my blog. If you do follow me on Instagram (@roadstoeverywhere) you may notice that I like to take pictures of roads (duh!), the sky, flowers, and coffee. What can I say? I guess those are the things that catch my eye.

Pictures from the last couple of weeks…
June 11. Prairie view with cloud shadows on the mountains.

June 12. The historic Catholic church around the corner with a church bell that rings every Sunday morning at 8:55.

June 15. Train going by at sunset.

June 16. The music of afternoon rain on the tin roof of the porch.

June 18. A delicious bagel breakfast sandwich and iced coffee at Terre Coffee in Coeur d’Alene. (Yes, I know I linked Post Falls Coffee Co. This is the same company with a new location and a new name.)

June 21. Taking time to stop and smell the peppermint fields at twilight.

June 24. My parents were here for a visit last week. One evening we put together a jigsaw puzzle. Putting the puzzle together was secondary to the laughter.

June 26. The charming little community garden across the street. I’ll have to show you more in another post.

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