Talkeetna, Alaska

On our road trip today we enjoyed a detour to the little town of Talkeetna.
Tourists that we are, we decided that it was a quintessential Alaskan town.

We walked down the street lined with authentic log cabins…

…whimsical buildings…

…and even a yurt!
I would have liked to try this coffee shop, but it didn’t seem to be open when we were there.
We followed the signs to the “river view trail”… past the Mexican Moose where this little girl was selling cinnamon roasted nuts, along with random Mexican-y style gifts under the awning behind her. We never did understand why Mexican. In Alaska. Just to be different maybe. I have no idea.

The river view was well worth the hike.

A photographer was rafting down the river with his collapsible bicycle in the raft with him. In case you didn’t recognize it, yes, that is indeed Mount McKinley way off in the distance.

Here. Let me zoom in on it for you.

You know what? I think it just needs its own post. But it’s getting late. So I’ll post those pictures tomorrow.

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