Sunday Evening Musings

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The weather in my neck of the woods: 
Unusual. We’ve had several thunderstorms interspersed with hot, dry days this month. Before that we had a wet, rainy spring. But just normal, gray drizzly rain, not the dramatic thunder and lightning we’ve been experiencing lately.

Outside my window:
I hear the voices of my children and their daddy as laugh and talk together. The ice cream truck is going down the street playing a tinkly version of The Entertainer.

 Things that make me happy: 
Having time on the weekends to do things together as a family.

 Books I’m reading: 
Gospel by J.D. Greear
Dying to Read by Lorena McCourtney
We Had Everything But Money from Reiman Publications

 On the menu for dinner: 
Hamburgers on the grill, I think. And maybe a cucumber/onion salad. That sounds good.

Recent projects completed:
We took the vinyl decals off our travel trailer. They were cracked and peeling, and made the trailer look older than 6 years. Over several weekends we then buffed and waxed the exterior. Not sure if we will put on new decals or not.

I also finished and mailed the order I had for 100 washcloths. So…

 In the craft basket: 
I’m building my washcloth inventory back up and adding in some new color combinations for my Etsy shop. I also have a half-knitted sweater to complete, and an embroidery wall-hanging to finish.

On my To Do List: 
Finish getting my office organized. I’ve made good progress, but now it’s time to tackle the boxes marked “Misc.” Such fun. I also need to get my website updated. It’s time to renew my domain, so it seems like a good time.

 Looking forward to this week: 
Our second camping trip of the season this weekend. I’m hoping to have time to jot down a rough outline for the novel I hope to start soon. I think once I get the framework together the writing will come easier.

 On my mind: 
Lots of fun activities mixed in with long hours of work for the rest of the summer. Our calendar is pretty full for two months out. Stay tuned for updates.

I look forward to reading your comments. Thanks for joining in the conversation! ~Karla

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