Camping Adventures

Last weekend we went camping for the second time this summer. We intended to go to Priest Lake. Actually, we did go there, but all the campgrounds were full, so we drove across the state into Montana and ended up at Yaak River again. (Granted, the state is only 90 miles across the panhandle, but it seemed like a long way when we thought were There, and had to go Someplace Else.)
I spent much of the weekend doing this:

With this close at hand:

And actually got up the energy to do this a few times:

 It was a relaxing weekend.

I was buzzing around the campsite Sunday morning taking pictures while Lyle was cooking breakfast. After I snapped a couple pictures of the fire he asked, “Are you gonna blog about the way I cook eggs?”

“Why, I hadn’t thought of that! But what a good idea. Sure! Hold out your ‘grabbers’ so I can get a good shot of them.”

He thinks I’m nuts, of course, but my blogging amuses him, so he obliged:

 See? Here’s how he cooks breakfast. First, the bacon in the skillet (with the toast in a grill basket on the side), using tongs from his grill utensil set.

 Then, he removes the bacon and drains most of the drippings out of the skillet before he scrambles the eggs, using his “grabbers” to stir with!! (That’s what he calls the tongs: grabbers.)

For some reason, that strikes me funny. I don’t know why.

Just for the fun of it I kept tallies while we were camping. One of my blogging buddies, Keetha @ The Eclectic Company, did that on her recent vacation, and I thought it was so fun, I decided to start the tradition in our family.

So, the tallies for last weekend include:

  • Campgrounds that we had to pass up because they were full — 7
  • Deer we saw along the road — 2 live, 1 dead
  • Snakes the kids saw — 1 live, 1 dead
  • Snakes I saw — 0 (Thank goodness!)
  • Squirrels in our campsite — 2
  • Meals cooked over the fire — 3
  • Hands of Skip-Bo played — 2
  • Laps around the loop on my bike — 6 (but not all at once)
  • Books read — 3
  • Crochet projects completed — 1 tote bag, 2 washcloths


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