Spring Camping Trip

The 2018 camping season has begun! We were excited to take our trailer out for the first time this past weekend.


Farragut State Park: Snowberry Campground


Friday evening, May 18 through Sunday afternoon, May 20.


Lyle and Karla, Rebecca, Cookie-the-Dog


Pleasant, partly cloudy.


  • Historic drive around Farragut State Park, along Lake Pend Oreille, and nearby Bayview.
  • Reading by the campfire.
  • Walking around the campground.
  • People-watching.
  • Conversation.

Wildlife Sightings:

  • ground squirrels
  • deer


  • Friday supper: hot dogs, cucumber salad
  • Saturday breakfast: scrambled eggs, sausage patties, bananas
  • Saturday lunch: lunch meat, raw veggies
  • Saturday supper: salmon grilled over the fire, baked potatoes, green salad
  • Sunday breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon
  • Note: Lyle and I have been following the Whole30 eating plan for the past few weeks so our menu options were limited. We are almost done. Yay! For more traditional camping menu ideas see my Camping Menu Plan post from last summer.

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  • Michael Ann

    Sounds like fun, Karla! I’m glad your weather is finally warm enough to get out there! We have plans to camp in North Carolina this weekend, but the weather is looking dismal. That’s the one downside to tent camping; the weather is more of a factor. We may go and just deal with the rain for as long as we can!

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