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I have to admit: formulaic romance novels are not my top choice of reading material. At least, not at this stage of my life. However, as a teen and into my twenties I would seriously binge read them. It wasn’t so much the romantic happily-ever-after plot of each one that drew me in, but the variety of settings and situations that I found fascinating.

Love Inspired books

Just recently, Rebecca (age 22 but with some learning challenges) has discovered the Love Inspired line of books. These are clean and wholesome inspirational romance novels. I bought her a couple with historical/western story lines for her birthday last fall, hoping they would engage her interest and get her reading. She thought they looked interesting but for a few months they just got laid aside.

Several weeks ago (at my urging) she finally picked one up and started reading it.

“Just one chapter a day!” I encouraged her.

To my great delight she gets so interested in the story that she keeps reading and will often read several chapters a day. She’s finished several of these novels in the past few weeks. I’m so proud of her!

Love Inspired Blog Tour

This spring I was invited to participate in the Love Inspired Blog Tour. I received four books in exchange for participating in the blog tour and reviewing at least one of them. When my review books came I was a little surprised that Rebecca was drawn more to the K-9 Unit story in the Suspense line than she was the one with the cowboy on the cover. She was happy to add all four books to her growing collection.

For review purposes I read Primary Suspect by Laura Scott because I enjoy fugitive stories. And besides, isn’t the cover gorgeous? It was an intriguing read, but I thought it was too short for the plot. It is part of a series with each novel about a different brother, so maybe if I had read the whole series I would understand more of the back-story and not feel that something was missing. I think a lot of the Love Inspired books are that way, with story arcs that continue from one book to another in the series.

Rebecca is currently reading Bound by Duty by Valerie Hansen. Apparently it’s about a sergeant and his dog (a Rottweiler named Star) who are trying to track down a serial killer. She hasn’t finished it yet, so she doesn’t know how it comes out. (Would it be a spoiler for me to predict that the case gets solved, the two main characters kiss and probably get married, and they all live happily ever after?)

I wouldn’t be surprised if Rebecca chooses The Rancher’s Secret Child by Brenda Minton to read next. That cowboy on the cover with the little boy on the horse, you know.

She’s not all that interested in The Wedding Quilt Bride by Marta Perry, since Amish stories aren’t her preferred genre. However, she’s pretty sure my mother would enjoy that one since she likes to quilt.

Blog Tour Sweepstakes

In honor of the blog tour this spring Love Inspired is having a sweepstakes where one lucky winner will receive a $100 Visa gift card. Will it be you? It might be, if you enter!

“Feel comforted and at peace when you read these uplifting romances of faith, forgiveness and hope from Love Inspired. There are 12 new books each month! 6 from Love Inspired for those who love contemporary romance and 6 from Love Inspired Suspense who like some danger with their romance stories.”

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