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Review: Science Lessons & Investigations

Today, I’m reviewing Science Lessons & Investigations, Grade 5, a science course for 5th graders, published by Evan-Moor.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy from Timberdoodle.

Science Lessons & Investigations, Grade 5

Science Lessons & Investigations, Grade 5

Science Lessons & Investigations presents science learning through in-depth investigation and observation.”

Science Lessons & Investigations, Grade 5

The Grade 5 book offers 14 units in three fields of science: Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science. Some units cover ecosystems, the food chain, astronomy, the environment, and matter.

Science Lessons & Investigations, Grade 5

The teacher’s guide and answer key are incorporated in the workbook rather than a separate manual. This is a reproducible workbook with permission to make photocopies for single-classroom use.

Science Lessons & Investigations, Grade 5

Each unit includes a reading selection, related photos, and other graphic illustrations. (Note: the pages are printed in black and white, so the photos aren’t as engaging as they might be in color.)

The “investigation” aspect comes into play with the Explore pages, which provide a variety of fill-in charts and activities to support the scientific process of experimenting and learning.

Other pages provide vocabulary review, comprehension questions, writing prompts, and hands-on projects.

My Thoughts

Science Lessons & Investigations is designed for teaching in a classroom. It could work for independent learners in a homeschool setting, but the parent would need to adapt the teaching notes somewhat. However, it is nice to have the answer key right there, along with suggested open-ended activities.

I appreciate the variety of activities included. I especially appreciate having the structure of the blank charts and diagrams with prompts for note-taking. Some science programs suggest having the student keep a notebook, which is important, but then the student is expected to draw charts and diagrams and figure out what should be included, which can be intimidating. This simplifies that step.

This is a great science course for students who enjoy a workbook approach.

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