Random Goofiness

Sometimes everyday things just strike me funny. I can hardly bear it if no one’s with me to appreciate the humor. Here are a few goofy things I noticed recently:

There’s a directional sign near our City Hall pointing to our “sister city” (Herrborn, Germany) 4,908 miles away.

I first found out about our “sister city” a few years ago at a city-sponsored Christmas program that my kids participated in. The mayor read a letter from the mayor of Herrborn wishing us a happy holiday season. At the time I couldn’t figure out why we had a sister city or why it was Herrborn. Later, I found out that Herrborn is where the founder of Post Falls, Frederick Post, was born. So that explains that.

It still cracks me up that we have a road sign pointing far away across the continent and then across the ocean. Like anyone driving around Post Falls City Hall will need to know how to get to Herrborn.

I know. That’s not the purpose of it, but it makes me chuckle.


This book display in the local grocery store made me look twice. See how the cowboy’s bride in Over the Edge is behind him on the left? The beaming bride on the next book, Loving, is clinging to her groom’s shoulder, but it sure looks like it’s the guy from Over the Edge, doesn’t it?

I wonder what the cashier thought as I snapped a picture with my phone.


And then sometimes I overhear conversations that make me laugh to myself–

Overheard on an airplane as someone was trying to squeeze by someone else in the aisle:
“Some of us are a little larger than most skinnier people.”


Overheard in the shoe store in the next aisle over:
“Oh, excuse me. I thought you were my daughter. But you’re not.”
Girl’s voice: “No.” {polite chuckle} “I’m my mom’s daughter!”

I think this counts as a Friday Fragments post,
so I’m going to join up with Mrs. 4444 at
Half-Past Kissin’ Time!


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