From the Passenger Seat

Views from last week’s road trip…

Heading east on I-90. Montana.
My drivin’ man.
State capitol building. Jefferson City, Missouri.
Springtime in the Ozarks.
(No doubt the picture would be better had
the photographer bothered to roll her window down.)
(But it was raining! What can I say?)
See the “QT” on the road sign to the right?
We like to stop at those in Missouri/Kansas/Oklahoma.
They have an awesome beverage selection!
Worlds of Fun. Kansas City.
Since Laura got a job at our local theme park this year
we thought she might be interested to see this one.
Headed back home. Iowa sunset.
South Dakota was cold with fresh snow on the ground.
Watch out for that bulldozer!
Can you imagine driving the thing up there like that?
Last gas stop. Livingston, Montana.
Love the mountains in the background!

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