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Pinterest-Inspired Bible Journaling

I’m still in the process of figuring out my preferred style of artistic Bible journaling. Right now I’m in practice mode and I’ve been saving a bunch of Bible journaling images I like on Pinterest. I’ve been finding encouragement in the Psalms lately. (Actually, always. Don’t you love the Psalms?) So I’ve been practicing my lettering and graphic design skills by copying others’ designs. Hopefully I’ll eventually be more creative in coming up with my own designs.

Psalm 27:14

Wait for the Lord; Be strong and let your heart take courage.

This first design links back to but I couldn’t actually find it on that site. The original is on the left with my copy on the right. Now that I compare the two side-by-side, I think I want to go back and outline the banner and heart and some of the lettering to make it stand out more.

Psalm 56:3

When I am afraid I will trust in You.

The next one is a line art design by Nola Chandler. I love the swirly banner. I’m learning to incorporate those into my designs, but it doesn’t come as effortlessly to me as it does to others who have either been doing calligraphy longer or maybe just have more of a natural knack for it.

Psalm 116:2

Because He bends down to listen I will pray as long as I have breath.

I like this pen drawing filled in with watercolor from Jessica Bernardin. I really need a lot of practice with watercolor so I opted to go with my Prismacolor blending pencils for the flowers. I only have a 24-color set so I used red, pink, orange, and peach to achieve the soft coral color. That was fun to play around with.

Aren’t those great verses? What’s your favorite verse in the Psalms? Maybe I’ll letter it in my journaling Bible next!


  • rachelgoingcreative

    Wow! Karla, that is really really impressive and beautiful. I’m having a hard time deciding a favorite in the Psalms. So many are good. Right now I think of “The Lord is my Shepherd.” Psalm 23:1 As you know a shepherd has nothing but the best interest at heart for HIS sheep.

  • Leslie Clingan

    LOVE this post. I am just beginning to dabble in Bible journaling and have been pinning examples with great abandon. I am joining Bethany for her monthly Bible challenge but have only journaled once. And then with little success. You are blowing it out of the water, girl!! Maybe I need to emulate some of my pins before heading off to journal on my own. Beautiful work, Karla.

  • viktoryarch

    Those pages are beautiful! I enjoy looking at creative way people express their art in Bible… Thank you for sharing! I would love to do the same some day.. Blessings

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