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A Lost Art

I think I’ll do something way retro this weekend…

I received some cute monogrammed note cards recently as a gift, and they are such lovely fall colors that I’m tempted to jot off some handwritten notes to a few friends.

Or would that just be terribly old-fashioned of me?
Seriously, I love to get letters and little gifts in the mail, don’t you?

I also enjoy the technology that allows us to keep in touch so much easier than ever before… flat-rate calling on the cell phone, email, blogging, Facebook… It’s great!

But I kinda miss the little “treats” I used to find in my mailbox, too. So I’ve been trying to make more of an effort this year to write a note and… gasp! …spend 42 cents on a stamp to “bless” my loved ones with a surprise in their mailboxes on occasion.

What do you think? Do you like “real” mail? Or does it not matter to you?


  • Emily

    I love writing letters and agree that it is a lost art! With email and the internet it seems like most people don’t have pen friends and write letters! Have a beautiful day!

  • pse

    I love getting letters. Both in the mail box and email. Seems we don’t get much of either anymore, I’m sure it is because of the phone.

    I sometimes spend time reading letters from by-gone years. Even the ones I wrote to my mother bring back memories that I had forgotten.

  • Dawnie

    i love getting letters or cards. I used to be so much better about it. I dont think its so much the postage but more of time. I’ve been forced to going back to writing though–and I’m enjoying it!

  • MuseSwings

    I love handwritten notes and letters on beautiful stationary and note cards. I have a nice collection of each and fountain pens but seem to be in a stall on letter writing right now. It’s contagious, you know – send a note and you just might get one!

  • Also Known As Alicia

    Oh, I completely agree. I love to get a note in the mail. It means so much! I also like to send them. Unfortunately I don’t do this very much. But, I am now challenged to try to make an effort this week. Have a great weekend!

  • Greg

    Yeah, I know I’m a guy on a girly blog ;), but I wanted to let you know of my new post on worldviews! Hee-hee! It also has a great little cartoon that I thought was very appropriate. You might want to check it out. Shameless self-promotion? Yeah, but it’s totally pertinent to what you’ve been talking about, what all, with sending little “care” packages and stuff…. Yeah, uh-huh! 😉

    I know all about it. Who do you think makes frequent little trips to the post-office, with pinkish, frilly, little envelopes and packages, prepared by my loving wife? I felt obliged to make sure the postal clerks knew that I don’t have girlfriends in all 50 states in the Union! :O

  • Farrah

    Oh yes! Real mail is so much fun!! I think it’s a grand idea to send some surprises. Enjoyed the one you sent me! And that stationary is REALLY cute. It’s being displayed with my fall stuff!

  • Nana Trish is Living the Dream

    I love regular mail and email. It’s so fun to think someone else has been thinking about you enough to drop you a line. I can’t imagine how they waited weeks at a time for a letter. I know when I was growing up that’s all we had, but now I am spoiled with the computer. Love those pretty notecards though.

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