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Junior Elf Books

I love vintage books! Big surprise, huh?

And because I always need more books, I couldn’t pass up this handful of “Junior Elf” books when I came across them at a garage sale this summer. You’ll probably have to click on the picture to enlarge it to see that the cover price on most of them is 15 cents! (One is 19 cents. What’s that about? They thought 20 cents would be too much, but 15 cents wasn’t quite enough?)
I can’t use the excuse that I got them for my children, because my children are too old for them… so I’ll just admit that I got them for me! They remind me of a story from my childhood that my mother tells.

I must have been about 3 or 4 when Mother picked up a few of these little books, thinking that they would just be so handy to keep in the diaper bag for my sisters and me to look at in church, to keep us quiet, you know. My sisters are twins and they are 19 months younger than I am. Plus we had a baby brother or two. (Well, yes, we do have 2 younger brothers… I’m just not sure exactly when this incident took place. It may have been before the youngest was born.)

In any case, Mother’s hands were more than full. Unfortunately, she quickly discovered that an assortment of cute little picture books was not the thing to keep us quiet in church. She said she gave us each a little book to look at it, and we each flipped through it lickety-split and then wanted to trade with a sister for another book. We ended up making more noise passing books back and forth than we did with no books.

So that was the end of our getting to look at books in church. *sigh*

I remember getting to draw pictures sometimes, and playing with a handkerchief. (I can still roll a hanky up into twin babies swinging in a hammock! Anybody else remember doing that?)

But we were the preacher’s kids, so mainly I think we just learned to sit still and listen. Eventually.


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