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Little Free Library

Living in the city the past couple of years has definitely been an adventure. I will admit I don’t love it, but there are advantages. So much to see and do. Much I don’t care to see and do, but that’s beside the point.

Side note: Did you know the population of the greater Denver area is approximately twice the population of the entire state of Idaho? No wonder it seems like there are people everywhere. Even the mountains are much more crowded than we’re used to.

However, I’ve discovered a new-to-me “thing” that is a little like geocaching, but in the city, and has books. What’s not to love about that?

Little Free Library

I vaguely remember hearing about this project before, but assumed at the time that the Little Libraries would be more likely to be in big cities. When I came across the website again last week I realized that I’m in a big city now.

I checked the map. There are dozens of the little libraries around here.

I texted Lyle, “Are you up for an adventure this evening?”

He never knows what I might come up with in the way of adventures, but he’s usually game.

So after work I gathered up a stack of books that I was ready to pass along and we started out on our expedition.

The first Little Library was just a few blocks from our house in someone’s front yard. It’s the gray one above painted with vines. I left three books in it.

We found a total of five Little Libraries that evening. It was interesting to see the different designs and locations. Three of them were in someone’s yard: two near the street and one back under a tree. There was one near a playground in a park. It was full of children’s books.


My favorite one was this one along a neighborhood walking trail. It had a nice variety of books for all ages. If I lived in that neighborhood I’d be visiting the Little Library all the time.

I ended up sharing 15 or 20 books that evening and took home two. I was happy with that exchange ratio. A good way to “declutter” perfectly good books that need a new home.

Is there a Little Free Library in your neighborhood? Have you visited it?

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