Geocaching Adventure

Our family adventure this past weekend was a geocaching day trip to northeastern Washington. We logged two microcaches, two regular caches, and one did-not-find.

The microcaches were pretty much of the cache-and-dash variety along the side of the road. We don’t usually bother with those, as our objective in going geocaching is to find fun out-of-the-way places and spend time together as a family, not just log caches for the sake of the numbers. However, we were testing out the geocaching app for Lyle’s new phone, and those were good ones to try it on.

Then we headed for one that was supposed to be up on a mountain. The problem was, all the roads leading up the mountain seemed to be closed. We drove all the way around the mountain looking for a way in before we finally had to give up on that one.

Our next destination was a small lake with a cross-country ski trail around it.

The cache was located near the warming cabin about half-way around the lake. The cabin was open to the public and had a wood stove, benches, and a table inside. It was well-stocked with firewood and kindling. There was a picnic table and fire-ring outside, and an out-house nearby. It looked like a great place to spend a snowy winter day if one enjoyed cross-country skiing or snow-shoeing. Kinda makes me want to take it up!

 We saw signs of beaver activity around the lake as we were hunting for the cache.

Our last cache of the day was one Lyle wanted to try, as the description said, “high clearance vehicles only.” He can’t resist a challenge like that! And I have to say, with a skilled driver, the trip up the hairy road was worth it when we got to the top and had a chance to enjoy the view.

The golden grasses reminded us that summer is almost over and soon we won’t have long, warm days to “play” outside.

Maybe we should take up winter sports after all!


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