Pike Place Tulips

We didn’t make it to the tulip farms this year, but I have to say, Pike Place Market in the spring is the next-best thing!

One morning last weekend Lyle and I met my cousin in downtown Seattle for coffee at Starbucks on the waterfront. It was a misty spring morning… typical for Seattle… perfect coffee-drinking weather… which is probably why coffee is so popular in Seattle, come to think of it.

After we finished our coffee I asked my cousin if the tulips were still in season at Pike Place Market. She lives and works near the Market, and had posted a picture of the tulips a few weeks ago. I was afraid the season might be over, as we’ve had an early spring. Much to my delight, she said they were still there.

I decided right then that I needed to see them for myself, so we walked over to the Market. Oh, my goodness! Such a feast for the eyes… masses of brilliant colors and delicate petals.

I wanted to take a bouquet home, but every pre-arranged bouquet was prettier than the last, and I could not make up my mind.

I watched one of the workers assembling an arrangement that included red tulips and gorgeous ruffled daffodils. “That’s the one!” I decided. But even as Lyle paid for it, I was second guessing my choice. Maybe I should have taken the pink arrangement? Or the yellow and purple one? I think I could have stood there all day deliberating over the options.

Hot coffee. Pleasant conversation. Gorgeous flowers. Is there a better way to enjoy a springtime morning?


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