Manito Park

 It’s amazing to me that a person can live somewhere for years and still discover new places! Especially when it’s been 12 years (that we’ve lived in north Idaho) and the “new” place is a 90-acre park on Spokane’s South Hill that has been there for a hundred years! I just gotta wonder, how in the world did we not know about it all this time?

 A couple weeks ago we had Laura’s senior pictures made. A friend of mine does portraits as a hobby, and when I asked her about doing them, she suggested Manito Park. I had never heard of it, but she persuaded me that it would be perfect. She was right!

 I was in awe of the rose garden. Row upon row of beautiful roses in a wide range of colors and sizes, in full bloom. Each bush was carefully labeled with the name of the variety.

 The most unusual one I saw was this red-and-white-striped beauty. It’s called “Fourth of July!”

 There was a dahlia bed not too far from the roses. I had never seen such huge dahlias… and again, in a wide range of colors.

I thoroughly enjoyed my walk through the carefully cultivated gardens that morning. I didn’t have time to see everything I would have liked to, but I was happy to know that it’s only 30-45 minutes away, so you can bet we’ll be back!

Although, I expect the pretty flowers may be gone by now… Jack Frost doing his thing, you know. But it’s something to look forward to next spring!


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