Grand Tetons

Five Day Road Trip

This past weekend we had a very quick road trip to Colorado and back. We spent a lot of hours in the car but Lyle planned two different routes going and coming so we enjoyed a wide variety of scenery along the way.

Rocky Mountains

Our Route

map of our road trip
Travel Stats

  • Destination: Lakewood, Colorado
  • Number of days: 5
  • Miles traveled: approximately 2,250
  • States
    • Idaho
    • Montana
    • Wyoming
    • Colorado
  • Wildlife spotted
    • deer
    • antelope
    • elk

Grand Tetons

While We Were There

  • Revival services attended: 3
  • Meals with friends: 4
  • Changed an alternator (Lyle)
  • Went shopping (Karla)
  • Spotted the cutest Little Free Library yet
  • A lotta, lotta visiting!

Vintage Fridge Little Free Library

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