May in Review

In My Neighborhood

  • The lilacs are blooming! I miss having lilacs in my own yard, but I’ve been enjoying the neighbors’.
  • I’ve “summer-ized” my front porch with flower pots. I love sitting out there with a book in the evenings.


Recreational Activities

Social Activities

  • Sunday evening services in our home with friends
  • Visiting with friends in Colorado

Business Activities

  • Post Falls Women in Business luncheon
  • Post Falls Chamber of Commerce Lunch-and-Learn
  • Rathdrum Days planning committee meeting
  • Spokane Valley Business Fair
  • Post Falls Chamber of Commerce Connect 4 Lunch
  • Rathdrum Chamber of Commerce Lunch

Breakfast Dates on Saturdays

  • Denny’s in Post Falls (twice, because they have a pretty good veggie skillet that is on-plan for Whole30)
  • Elmer’s in Coeur d’Alene
  • IHOP in Lakewood, Colorado

Health and Fitness

  • Lyle and I completed the Whole30 eating plan– and, YES, it was definitely a challenge!

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