First camping trip of the year…

There is still snow on the mountains but the lower elevations are finally turning green!

This early in the season we practically had the campground to ourselves except for this mare and her foal. They were very curious…

…and very friendly!

The girls were thrilled!

“Can I help you with that, mister?”
Saturday was a lovely day for a hike.

Enjoying the “placid view.”

It’s a “flirting bench”!
That’s what the kids called it, so of course we had to take advantage of it!

View from the highway on our way home.


  • Lidian

    Hi Karla, What a lovely trip you had! We used to live out in Calgary and I remember how much fun camping was there…Love the pics of the mare and foal too.

    And thank you for visiting me, too!


  • lanterns

    Idaho is such a pretty state, I wish I had more opportunities to get up there. I live a little higher in elevation and we still have quite a bit of snow and brown, but hopefully we will be camping soon ourselves.

  • Farrah

    Rebecca must have been ecstatic about the horses!

    Dear me! I’m embarrassed!! I’ve never heard of a flirting bench! Dear me! Whatever will I do if I end up on one of those?? Yikes!

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