David the Bear

Remember the story of David’s missing pajamas a few weeks ago? I knew they were packed away somewhere, but I had no idea where. Well, I came across them last week while I was unpacking yet another box from the garage and I knew you would want to see them! I decided to put them on David and in the process remembered why he now wears his bright green knit vest instead of his pajamas. The fabric of the pajamas is very fragile by this time. You probably can’t see it in the pictures, but there is a torn place on the front of the shirt… and the elastic in the waist is shot. So I took David’s picture, then re-dressed him in his green vest and hung the pajamas on my clothesline in the kitchen. I think they are just adorable! And since I never had any little boys, I particularly treasure these little remnants of my husband’s childhood.


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