Family Photo Shoot with Outtakes

As my parents were getting ready to come for their annual visit I asked my dad to bring his nice camera as I wanted him to do a family photo shoot for us in the park. Dad is an amateur photographer. He claims he doesn’t know much about taking portraits. He enjoys shooting scenery more.

However, after it was all said and done, I thought he did a pretty good job for us. One thing he knows to do is to keep snapping the camera even when everybody is not posed properly. By doing that we ended up with several funny “outtake” pictures which will help preserve the memories of this summer. And isn’t that the whole point of photography?

Rathdrum City Park is a pretty little park with a creek running through it.

Dad decided this water feature would make a nice backdrop so I plopped down beside it. I don’t know what I was saying but apparently it involved hand gestures.

Probably I was telling Lyle to come sit beside me. And then I got tickled. Who knows why.

Okay. This is better.

Then the kids joined us. These two are my favorite shots of the evening.

We tried a pose on a nearby bench. Dad thought we should kiss. The girls, obviously, were not impressed!

Then we decided to try one of those poses where the parents are in focus in the foreground with the kids in the background. Except our naughty children decided it would be fun to splash us! Not exactly the effect I was going for…

I love the willow tree in the background of this one… but the little half-naked neighbor children in background crack me up. I wonder if they could be PhotoShopped out?

This was another fun shot on the bridge from a different angle.

I’m not exactly sure what the kids were going for in this shot, but in any case they had a good time goofing off.

Kudos to Dad for his patience with us and for the fun memories.


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