Colorado River Road – Part 2

As we were driving along the Colorado River Road on Saturday, occasionally I would hold my camera up through the sun roof to take a picture. Lyle asked if I could post videos to my blog. I wasn’t sure. I figured I could since other people do, but I had never done it before. I recorded a few minutes of video on my camera just to play around with. This clip is not edited… and it’s just road noise. No music. No narration. But, it’s only half a minute long and it is pretty scenery. Β It was not as hard to do as I thought it might be, so maybe I’ll experiment with videos again sometime.

(Not sure about the whole Periscope thing, though. Any input on that?)

Also, I forgot to share the tallies from our drive. You know there would be tallies, right?

  • tunnels – 3
  • hot air balloon – 1
  • Amtrak train – 1
  • antler chandelier vendor – 1
  • hunting camps – 3
  • telephone booth – 1
  • cowboys on horses – 5
  • dogs in trucks – 8
  • antelopes – 27 (2 different herds)
  • coyote – 1
  • moose – 0
  • bears – 0

We are always watching for moose and bears when we drive in the mountains. We rarely spot any, but as you can see from our list we do see all kinds of other interesting things.


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