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Camping in the Mountains

We had a very relaxing weekend camping close to home this time. It was a Forest Service campground, so no hookups, but we didn’t mind. The kids even decided to put up their tent and sleep in it. The only down side was that there is a Stage 2 burn ban on right now, which means that we couldn’t have a campfire. We really missed that.

This is probably our favorite Forest Service campground, at least, of those we’ve stayed in, as it is right on the river, and the river is very shallow and crystal clear, so the kids can play in the water to their hearts’ content! They loved it.

The highlight of the weekend was having a moose cow and her calf walk right past our picnic table as we were grilling supper last night. I dashed into the camper to get the camera, but by the time I got back out they were too far in the brush for me to get a good shot. My husband ran to head them off on the road, but even then he only got a quick shot of the calf before they were gone. (Moose can be dangerous, especially a cow with a baby, so we didn’t want to be too aggressive about chasing them.) Moose sightings are very exciting to us. I think we had lived here 3 or 4 years before we ever saw one, and even now that we’ve been in the area 9+ years I can only count on one hand the number of times we’ve seen one.

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