Priest Lake


We had planned to go camping up to Priest Lake this past weekend, and then do some Geocaching around the lake on Saturday. We had the trailer all loaded and ready to pull out when my husband got home from work on Friday afternoon. As we drove down the street he commented that it seemed to be leaning funny, so he pulled into a parking lot to check it out. Turns out a spring was broken by one of the wheels. I’m not really up on the “architecture” and structure of travel-trailers so I can’t really explain exactly what was broken, but apparently it is a major thing. So that cancelled our camping plans for the weekend. We took the trailer to the RV shop and unloaded the things we needed out of it. (It is still under warranty and the man thought he had the part or could get it within a day or two. That was good news!)

We decided we could still drive up to the lake on Saturday for Geocaching. We got started in this hobby back in 2002, but hadn’t done it in a year or more. It is always so much fun… especially around here because the scenery is so beautiful, particularly when you get off the beaten path. We weren’t disappointed this time… but we were reminded how out-of-shape we are… and how out-of-practice we are at finding caches! We looked for 4 but only located 2. (And, boy, was I sore the next day.) Fun stuff!

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