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Here are some articles I’ve read lately that I thought were especially helpful or interesting. I like to share such a list with you every now and then… not only because I think you’ll find them interesting as well, but so I can refer back them later. There’s always something to learn or be informed about, right?

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I love essential oils. I do. I can’t personally declare that they are as beneficial for everything that some of the hype makes them out to be… but I enjoy using them regularly and find them helpful for some things. I found this article reasonable and informative:

As a long-time “fan” of Anne of Green Gables, I thought this was a fun read:

Have you ever heard of a salt pig? I never had until I read Michael Ann’s post:

I appreciated Jami’s insight on grief at:

As a wannabe writer, here’s an article I know I’ll be referring back to again:

This one is not actually an article. It’s a handy-dandy tool I came across the other day when I was trying to identify a particular font a print shop customer wanted. I expect I’ll be using it a lot:

What have you been learning lately?

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