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Ava’s Man

I read a really good book last week called Ava’s Man. It is the biography of the author’s grandfather, who lived in Alabama and Georgia during the Great Depression. I love the writing style! Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

“Some people are just interesting. They can’t help it. They just are.”

“A yellow school bus came and got them and took them to school, and they only had to walk three miles to catch it…”

“The coffee would boil, the smell mixing in with everything else, and Charlie would begin to make the gravy. Ava would make grits, and fry up a mess of eggs, and twist open the top of a jar of preserves, and they would eat like rich people, only rich people don’t really eat this good.”

“Charlie would scoop up the fish and turtles–turtle soup was a fine thing then, even if you were not hungry–and leave the snakes. It may taste like chicken, as some people said, but it probably also tastes a little bit like snake, and even a little bit is a reason to gag.”

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