5 Things Friday


We had a rip-roaring thunderstorm yesterday evening to usher in the official first day of summer. Rebecca and I were standing out on the porch watching the rain pound down when lightning struck our driveway.

That’ll make ya jump.


Speaking of the first day of summer, why does it feel like the summer is already half over?

Maybe because we’ve had an unusually warm spring, and I know good’n’well that that the warm weather won’t last till the official first day of fall. I’m trying to enjoy as many evenings on the front porch as I can.


Our second camping trip of the season was last weekend to Priest Lake (almost to the Canada border).

Laura had the weekend off and got to go with us. It’s been so long since she’s been able to go that it almost felt like having company!

I spent most of the time sitting by the fire with my books. Of course.


Reading wasn’t the only thing I did. The kids took their kayaks on the camping trip and let Lyle and me borrow them. Priest Lake is gorgeous.

Maybe one of these days Lyle and I can get kayaks of our own.


I had a table for the print shop at a community “Chocolate Cook-Off” event yesterday. I made Peanut-Butter Cup Brownies for my treat. They didn’t win any prizes but people seemed to enjoy them anyway.

The winner in the Most Creative category was Chocolate Macaroni and Cheese. Somehow I never thought of adding chocolate to Mac and Cheese. I have to admit, that is pretty creative.

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  • Michael Ann

    Our afternoon thunderstorms have hit here too, nearly every afternoon. I do NOT stand outside to watch them though! I’m a big scaredy cat! I enjoy some rolling thunder, but that’s about it! Hooray for nice, warm weather! It’s way too hot to camp during the summer here, so we’ve tucked our gear away for a while. I think we’ll hit it again in October. I love your kayaking picture! It’s so calm on the water, isn’t it! I love it! Great post, Karla! I enjoyed it.

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