Vintage Hankies

I like collecting small vintage items, so when I came across this bundle of old handkerchiefs this summer I decided they would be a great start to a vintage hanky collection! I have enjoyed looking at them and using them for decorating. Some are printed and some are embroidered. I was especially fascinated by the tiny Pluto child’s handkerchief.
I remember my mother always had a pretty hanky in her purse when I was a little girl. I wonder if she still carries one? (Mother, do you?) Update: She does!

“I had to look to be sure, but yes, there is a blue print hankie in my purse right now. Kleenex just aren’t always enough!”

A couple of weeks ago when I posted about the Junior Elf books I told about making hanky babies in church. Someone asked how it was done, so I decided to make a “tutorial” because everyone ought to know how to do this!

First, fold the hanky in half crosswise to make a triangle:The next step is to roll the two narrow points toward each other:Then, fold upper layer of the bottom corner up over the rolls, while holding the lower layer down.
The lower layer gets folded up behind the rolls.
The rolls are the twin babies, and when you hold the corners, you can swing the hammock and rock the babies to sleep!

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