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We had a surprise passenger on our trip to Yakima on Friday. We stopped at a rest area about an hour down the road, and I went back to the travel-trailer to get something. When I opened the door Tabitha Cat jumped out! Now, our dog loves to travel and is often invited along on trips, as she was this time. But the cat? Not so much.

Oh, she was upset! The trailer is a comfy-cozy place to snooze whenever she can sneak in and curl up on one of the kids’ bunks… but, for goodness’ sakes, it’s not supposed to move! Our oldest daughter scooped up the poor, traumatized kitty and cuddled her in her arms in the truck. Tabitha still just cried and cried. (And we laughed at her!) The truck moved, too… and well, that was just not a good thing. Finally, a good half hour or more later, she curled up beside the dog and went to sleep.

We got to the RV park where we would be staying, and set up camp. We shut the cat up inside the trailer and went to WalMart to buy a litter box, a small bag of kitty litter, and some cat food. Tabitha is an indoor/outdoor cat and is used to “taking care of business” outside, so at first she would go and sit by the trailer door begging to go out. She finally figured out that wasn’t going to happen, and obligingly used her litter box. And she seemed quite content to live in the trailer. As long as it wasn’t moving. We could just stay at that RV park. Forever.

Needless to say, Tabitha was quite put-out with us when it was time to leave to come home. To have to ride in the truck again. That truck that moved. What an indignity! Didn’t we understand? We were supposed to just live at the RV park now. She fussed at us most of the way home. When we finally pulled into the driveway she stood up on her hind legs and pawed at the window until the kids opened the door and let her out. Off she scampered! Home at last! No more moving!

Maybe she’s learned her lesson. Maybe she won’t sneak into the trailer for a nap any more. Somehow, I kinda doubt it. Silly cat!

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