Springtime in the Mountains

This past Sunday afternoon my family enjoyed a drive up into the mountains to look for spring. And while it’s still in the very early stages, it has definitely arrived! We often go for Sunday afternoon drives as a family… but this week marked a significant milestone. It was the first time one of the children did the driving!

Those of you who know Lyle personally know what a driving enthusiast he is. Which suits me just fine, because I’m definitely not! I am more than happy to occupy the passenger seat on our frequent road trips and day trips. Recently, our oldest daughter got her learner’s permit and Lyle has been teaching her to drive. Yes, I’m the “head teacher” at Highway High School, but the “principal” is in charge of the math and driver’s ed departments! So she had been out several times driving with her dad, but this was the first time I went along. She actually did a great job… but “silly mom” was freaking out (silently) at the thought of my “little girl” in the driver’s seat of her dad’s big Dodge Ram truck. I did survive!

The highlight of the day was the elk sighting. We often see deer and other small wildlife on our drives, but it is rarer to see elk or moose. (We still haven’t seen a bear.) We saw 4 different elk this time. This one, wading across the river…

Another grazing on the other side of the river. And then further down the river, this pair grazing in the distance.

Fun times!


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