• Adventures

    Big Adventure: Day 2

    Day 2: Sunday, August 15 Location: Winchester State Park, Winchester, Idaho Miles Traveled: 0 Weather: Hot and smoky Geocaches found: 2 Wildlife spotted: gaggles of Canadian geese After living in our trailer parked up against a building with no room for outdoor living all summer, we appreciated getting to sit outside to drink our morning coffee and have breakfast. After…

  • Literary Pursuits

    What I Read In July

    As is usual for me, my reading in July was a variety of genres. Not much nonfiction, I notice. However, I guess I should mention that I do read the Bible regularly. Maybe I should start listing books of the Bible completed each month. Except I’m not currently reading straight through. I’ve been enjoying the Four Streams reading plan on…

  • Adventures

    Elmer’s Fountain

    Elmer's Fountain is an interesting little rest stop along Interstate 90 eastbound near Mullan, Idaho. It's not a typical rest area in that there are no picnic tables or restrooms. Nor is there an informational sign other than the big "Elmer's Fountain" sign and "Gold Creek Mines" stenciled on the side of the mine car.

  • Lifestyle

    Review: Diamond Quest

    I haven't yet met a Smart Game I didn't like. However, Diamond Quest is one of my favorites so far. I love that it's an non-electronic game that helps strengthen thinking skills with challenges for all ages, from preschool through senior citizens.

  • Adventures

    Mount Rainier N.P.

    Since the weather was so beautiful this past weekend, we decided to travel through Mount Rainier National Park. For being such a prominent mountain it can sure mess with your mind...

  • Lifestyle

    Sprouts in a Mason Jar

    I use Mason jars for making sprouted greens. It takes about 5-7 days to make salad sprouts so I usually have two jars going at staggered times so they'll be ready a few days apart. And they are just as easy as the cold brew coffee process.