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On Distant Shores – review

I have thoroughly been enjoying the World War II romances by Sarah Sundin. Her most recent book is On Distant Shores which is the second book in her Wings of the Nightingale series.

The main characters of On Distant Shores are Georgie and Hutch, a flight nurse and a pharmacist, both working on the front lines of the war. It has been interesting to learn more about the World War II flight nursing program in this series, and this particular book focuses on the challenges of war-time pharmacists as well. The other “educational” element of the story had to do with astronomy.

In addition to the “I didn’t know that!” moments throughout the book, I also appreciated the real-to-life struggles that Georgie and Hutch each had to deal with. In reading novels, I like to see the [fictional] characters overcome challenges in a believable way that can translate to similar situations or trials in my own life.

A well-written story makes me think, and hopefully, grow.

And if it broadens my education, so much the better.

Thank you to LitFuse Publicity for providing me with a review copy.

 Sarah Sundin On Distant Shores


  • Rebekah

    I just came to your blog from the Circle C blog. I met Susan Marlow last year at a homeschool convention and it's been fun to be in contact with another author. I'm a self-published author and haven't made many connections to other authors yet.
    When I read about the novel you're working on, I was intrigued. I love history! And I love traveling and writing! 🙂

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