Moose sighting!

This afternoon we went for a family bike ride on a really great trail in our area that used to be railroad tracks. It winds through the mountains and the scenery is spectacular.
It was an unusually hot day for our area (right at 100 degrees) and since we haven’t ridden bikes all summer (at least the parents of the family haven’t!) we are somewhat out-of-shape… so we only ended up riding about 5 miles. When we got back to the air-conditioned pickup we decided to take the scenic route home over the mountains.

Exploring the back roads is something we love to do as a family activity… and today we had the special treat of seeing a moose!
We had lived in north Idaho for 4 or 5 years before we ever saw a moose, and I can count on one hand the number of times we’ve seen one since then (we’ve lived here for over 10 years now), so a moose sighting is always an event!

Fortunately I had my camera and there was a pull out handy, so we got a few snapshots before he ran off splashing down the river.
We decided this one was a male because he had the beginnings of a rack… or, as our younger daughter put it, “a young father”!


  • Edi

    We have just started bike riding as a family now that our 6 yr old can ride a bike. We have a great trail that is shaded by trees and beautiful scenery.

    Yesterday we did see a deer, lizard, 2 snakes and a peacock (someone must have been raising them).

    Such rides are beneficial in many ways…family time together, exercise, educational (science), learning endurance etc.

  • Farrah

    How nice! Although there’s no way I’d go biking in 100 degree weather! Yikes!

    I might have seen a moose ONCE growing up, and that was way out in the sticks of Idaho on a bumpy dirt road off of another bumpy dirt road. So I think it’s pretty amazing you’ve seen as many as you have! Then again, I was the indoor type for the most part, and we rarely took scenic drives through the wilderness. We did go camping every year and huckleberry-picking WAY out away from civilization. Don’t think I ever saw a bear, mountain lion, or much of anything. We always had outside dogs, so maybe that was part of it.

  • "First Lady" Dee

    Sounds like a lot of fun! Don’t know if I’d fare very well on the bicycle, though. But just the scenery alone would be amazing! Love the pics! Great to see you at the CFC reunion!

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