Labor Day Weekend

I had intended to micro-blog all weekend so my family (at least) could follow along with my adventures. But “the best-laid plans of mice and men…” and all that. I hadn’t realized there wouldn’t be a very good cell signal in the remote little corner of south-western Oklahoma where i spent the better part of the weekend. I did have a wonderful time reconnecting with my extended family, appreciating once again the very special heritage I have, and realizing what a blessing it is to be descended from “good people.” My dad let me “adopt” his DSLR camera for the weekend. As I snapped hundreds of pictures of the desolate landscape and the various clusters of scrubby mesquite trees where this-relative-or-that’s farm “used to be” I wondered what it was that drew my ancestors to the area to start with. I have more to share (with pictures) later. I’m on my way home now, watching the sunset from the Denver airport. Thank you, Mother and Uncle Carlton for being my tour guides this week-end.

Tally of Relatives in Attendance (as they are related to me… not counting in-laws)

  • Mother – 1
  • Uncle – 1
  • Aunt – 1
  • Great-uncles – 3
  • First cousin -1
  • First cousins once-removed – 9
  • First cousins twice-removed – 2
  • Second cousins – 5
  • Second cousins once-removed – 6

And that was just a small representation of my extended family that I am personally acquainted with. I think that’s kinda impressive.


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