The Junkyard

Anywhere he goes, I’m happy to tag along. And sometimes we end up in the most interesting places. This morning he agreed to take me garage-saling… but he also “invited” me to go to Pull’n’Save with him afterwards. [Pull’n’Save is like a morgue for cars and trucks who have died but still have useful organs that can be transplanted. Just where I always wanted to spend a hot summer afternoon.]
To my disappointment we didn’t find much at the garage sales. That’s just the way it goes sometimes. As we headed to the junkyard I asked him, “Are you sure they’ll let me go back there with you, since I have on a skirt and sandals?”
“Well, they might look at you funny,” he told me. Yeah. That’s what I wanted to hear. “What’d you wear sandals for, anyway?”
“Um. Because it’s summer?” Seriously? He had to ask? I always wear sandals in the summer. That is, when I’m not going barefoot. But I don’t go barefoot to “town.”
“So… back them looking at me funny… should I wait out in the car for you?”
“Well, I might need you to hold something for me. And I don’t care if they look at you funny,” was his reply.
All righty then.
A few months ago he had taken our daughter along, and they carded her to make sure she was over 18 before they would let her go back in the salvage yard. She didn’t have her driver’s license along, so they quizzed her as to what year she was born… and finally, reluctantly, took her word for it that she was actually 19. Funny they didn’t card me today. I’m sure I don’t look a day over 16.

 As we headed out across the lot, I whipped out my handy phone camera and starting snapping pictures.

“What are you taking pictures for?” he wanted to know.

“Because I’m a blogger, of course,” I reminded him.

He just rolled his eyes.

He tried to show me the kind of mirror he was looking for.

“Kinda like this. But not,” he explains. “It needs a little slidey bar across the top here.”

 So I toddled along looking at mirrors on trucks. This guy’s mirrors are already gone… but doesn’t he look like quite a character? ‘Mater’s cousin, maybe. I like him.

 This is what an engine looks like that caught on fire. I wonder if there really is something salvageable there. Must be, or they wouldn’t keep it there, I guess.

 I like this little old lady, too. I bet she could tell some stories of when her kids were young and she shuttled ’em around to school and soccer practice and scouts. Her kids are probably about my age or older now, since she’s a 1970 model. These long ol’ station wagons were what moms drove in the era before mini vans.

It was a lot of fun, visiting the junkyard. Not something I would want to do every day. Or even every week. Still, hanging out with my guy is always fun. Like a date. Only better, ’cause I get to go home with him, too.
But we didn’t find the mirror he was looking for. Too bad.


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