In the Quiet of the Morning

In an effort to get more exercise I’ve been going for early morning walks around my neighborhood. I don’t know if it really counts as exercise since they are really more like short, leisurely strolls than power walks. I wish I enjoyed exercising. Maybe I will come to enjoy it if I keep forcing myself to do it. At least that’s my theory.

I’m not a morning person, even though I get up about 5:45 a.m. most days. I have my first cup of coffee while Lyle and I read a devotional together and then just sit quietly for a little while. After he leaves for work about 6:30, I usually get dressed and then get started with my day. I have a second cup of coffee as I start work at my computer about 7:00.

Lately, I’ve been re-thinking my priorities. Instead of sitting down at the computer first thing, I’ve been spending a half hour or so Bible-journaling while I drink my coffee.

Then, I convince myself to head out the door for a quick walk around a couple of blocks. On sunny mornings only. And that’s only about half the time right now.

Hopefully the sunny days will become more frequent as we head into summer. And by June I should be able to take my Bible-journaling out to the porch.

I haven’t been following this routine long enough yet to tell if it helps me physically and spiritually, though that’s the goal. However, I have to think that more time in the Word and more movement can only be a good thing. Right?

I have to admit that I’m coming to appreciate the quiet of the early morning even if it does take me awhile to fully wake up.

Are you a morning person? What’s your morning routine?


  • Sheila @ Making the Most of Every Day

    I am a morning person but I have to set my alarm to get up at 5:40. Michael usually fixes the coffee and feeds the dog while I put away dishes left to dry the night before. Then we have our QTs. I set my alarm for 6:25 which is my warning to wrap things up. At 6:35 alarm goes off again to tell me to go get dressed. Then I take the dog with me to the park where a retired man walks her for me while I run with a friend. I think having the partner is key. When Lisa is not around (traveling to conventions I’m not attending) I find it so much harder to run on my own. When I do I need something to distract me like an audio book, a podcast, or music. So maybe that’s what you need? An accountability partner? Can one of the girls go walking with you? Having someone to talk to is key. Plus knowing that they are getting up to go with you makes you go. Reward yourself with your second cup of coffee upon your return.

  • Sherry

    I am not a morning person, and previous attempts to do just as you’re doing have never lasted very long, leaving me feeling very much like a failure. In the morning my body is just not ready to move, it’s partially an asthma-thing (the change in air temp and sudden exercise is a trigger) and partially that while my body is dead to the world my brain is on fire. So the computer feeds my brain. Once my body has adjusted then I’m ready to GO!! I love warm nights. If I could, I would sleep outside every night of the summer. I love to walk my dogs in the cool of the evening. After my dear husband goes to bed that’s when I power down. As for QT, I’m best for that in the early afternoon, as a break from the business of the day. Sitting by a window or sitting on my porch. All that being said, outdoors in the morning is truly beautiful and when I travel and my computer is not available I’m very happy to take my coffee outside to sit and bask in the rising sun and listen to the birds and just feel peaceful…….

    • Karla Ezell Cook

      I like doing quiet time in the early afternoon, too. I have found that I seem to get the most out of it then, and yes, the break in the middle of the day is lovely. However, I’ve also discovered that I don’t always make myself take that break. But yeah, the early morning quiet is just lovely.

  • mommyhon333

    Good post and discussion. I used to think I was definitely a morning person but now I think I just want to sleep late AND go to bed early. So that’s the person I am. I have started something called Miracle Morning, which packs devotional,affirmations, reading, writing and exercise into an hour. I think I will write a post about it because I’m enjoying these quiet mornings of peace before the day kicks in.

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