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    5 YA Books Set in the 1940s

    If you are fascinated, as I am, with stories about the World War II time period, here are 5 middle-grade/young-adult titles that are worth a read. These are not so much about the battles and politics of the war, but more about how the war affected children and families in Europe.

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    Survivalist Fiction

    With so many unprecedented things happening this past year I find my mind going down all kinds “what if” rabbit holes. Without a doubt recent months have brought many major changes to life as we know it. Oddly enough, the one that has affected me the most–or at least how I think–was the stupid panic-buying of toilet paper last spring.…

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    Books I Read in 2020

    I’ve been tracking my reading for the past 5 years, and it turns out that 2020 was my biggest reading year yet. I guess that shouldn’t come as any surprise–2020 being what it was–but I actually didn’t have a lot of downtime like a many folks did. Since I work from home it was pretty much “business as usual” for…

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    Those Pivotal Days

    Have you ever contemplated how quickly life can change? Many changes are slow and gradual, but occasionally events come along that happen so unexpectedly and instantaneously… and change our lives forever. During this whole crisis that has been 2020, I’ve thought a lot about other challenging events throughout history and how our ancestors managed to survive those times. Or maybe…

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    Stay-at-Home Camp-Out for Kids

    If you’re still in stay-at-home mode this summer here’s a fun camping “trip” you can plan for the kids in your own backyard. Spending the night outside is optional. Plan it for a clear evening just as it’s starting to get dark. Here’s what you’ll need: Gear Bed Roll for each person (e.g. kid’s sleeping bag, fleece throw, beach towel)…

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    Rathdrum Mountain Story Walk

    Our little town (and our house) sits at the base of Rathdrum Mountain. Not long after we moved here I learned that part of the mountain is owned by the city, and part of it by a paper company which harvests trees. The paper company portion has lots of logging roads. You can buy a permit which allows you access…