Camping in the Fall

 Late summer and early fall seem to be when we get most of our weekend camping trips in. I love the weather this time of year. Sunny days with brilliant blue skies– warm in the sunshine, but jacket-weather in the shade– and crisp evenings once the sun goes down. Just perfect for enjoying a campfire.

 My favorite part about the campfire, though, is the man who does the cooking. Come to think of it, that’s one of my favorite parts about camping. He just assumes he’s in charge of cooking. Laura and I aren’t stupid enough to try to convince him otherwise. We won’t complain about relaxing by the fire watching him.

 For our family, camping is all about getting away for a day or two and just relaxing. And yes, the electronic devices usually come along. We realize we aren’t truly “roughing it” but if we don’t care, I expect no one else does either.

 Over the years, we’ve made a lot of great family memories on camping weekends, even when we don’t do much but just sit around and look at the trees. It’s a good opportunity to chat and laugh and read…

 …and take pictures…

…and then come home and blog about it.

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