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Camping was great… 48 hours is just too short. We didn’t get to spend as much time with “just us” as we usually do. We actually spent significant portions of our time visiting with 3 other families. We aren’t by nature real outgoing, so I think that was good for us.

We met up with some casual acquaintances who just happened to be camping at the same campground. Their kids are of similar ages to ours, so of course the kids played a lot… and we got to know the other family better. That was really neat, because they are also a homeschool family, and very like-minded in several areas. I hope we can get together with our “new friends” again soon.

We also had an older couple from church come out to visit and share the campfire on Friday night. They brought along hot dogs to roast so we just joined our meals together and enjoyed the fellowship. They are of our parents’ generation, so like grandparents to the kids.

Then Lyle’s brother’s family came out on Saturday at lunch time for a birthday celebration.

Building relationships these days is often a challenge because of how busy we all are… so I am glad we got to spend time with special people while we were relaxing.

We saw several deer while we were out. On Friday evening a doe and 2 fawns came up pretty close to our campsite. I grabbed the camera and was actually able to get pretty close. They must just be used to people, and probably come through the campground often.

Tomorrow it’s “back to school” and our “regular” routine, which I am still working on. I can’t remember when I’ve had a school year get off to such a rough start. I sure hope things begin to smooth out some soon. The homeschool co-op classes start this week, too. We are excited about participating in it, but it does add to the busy-ness of our days.

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