Camp Cooking

We like to cook over the open fire when we go camping. Here’s a sample of some of the meals we enjoyed on a recent camping trip.

The first night we had hot-dogs. That’s usually our default first-night meal because there’s very little prep and clean-up!
For breakfast we cooked bacon in the skillet (and then eggs in the same skillet when the bacon was done) and biscuits on a stick.
Supper that night was Campfire Stew Packets… stew meat, potatoes, and carrots tightly wrapped in foil.
After about an hour over the fire, we unwrapped the foil at the picnic table for a hot and hearty meal.
Later in the evening, Lyle made a batch of old-fashioned popcorn for us to enjoy while we played Skip-Bo by lantern light at the picnic table.
One of the reasons I enjoy camping is because Lyle does most of the cooking. Outdoors. Open fire. Yeah, it’s a guy thing!


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