A Room With a View

Our hotel in Fairbanks overlooks the Chena River. My room is on the fifth floor and I have definitely enjoyed the view the last few days. We stayed in this same hotel last year and I had the same view, but it was a different room so the perspective was slightly different.
I was in Fairbanks last year April 19-22 and the river was just beginning to thaw. It was interesting to watch it break up during the time I was here. This year, we are definitely farther into spring as you can see from the two different river shots.

For an even older perspective, I noticed this picture (from 1955) hanging on the wall in the restaurant at Chena Hot Springs the other day. It’s the same part of town but from the other side of the river, behind the church instead of facing it. Obviously, our hotel did not exist at that time.

Here are a few other shots I took through the window.

The sun was beginning to set at 10 o’clock…

…and was still lingering on the horizon by 11 o’clock. It’s not quite the Midnight Sun, but close enough!
Today was our final day of conventions here in Alaska. Tomorrow we drive back to Anchorage, and then fly home on Thursday.



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