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    Stay-at-Home Camp-Out for Kids

    If you’re still in stay-at-home mode this summer here’s a fun camping “trip” you can plan for the kids in your own backyard. Spending the night outside is optional. Plan it for a clear evening just as it’s starting to get dark. Here’s what you’ll need: Gear Bed Roll for each person (e.g. kid’s sleeping bag, fleece throw, beach towel)…

  • How to Build a Campfire

    How to Build a Campfire

    Last June I wrote a series of articles on Camping for Beginners. As I watched Lyle building the fire on our last camping trip I thought a campfire tutorial might be good to add to the series. Lyle starts with several sheets of newspaper which he wads into balls. I didn’t get a picture of that stage of the process,…

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    Camping with Kids

    In this week's camping series I've been featuring pages from a fun vintage Little Golden Book, Smokey Bear and the Campers, that I found at a thrift store last summer. The story is about Ernest Swift and his sister, Mary. Yes, those are the children's names. The book was first published in 1961.

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    Camp Cooking

    Camp cooking is definitely different than how we do it at home, but that’s part of the fun of camping. I especially like it because in our family any outdoor cooking seems to have evolved into Lyle’s job! I’m not sure why that is, but I’m not complaining. In addition to cooking, managing food storage can be a challenge when…

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    Camping Menu Plan

    Today’s installment for my camping mini-series covers our typical camping menu. Our camp meals are simple to prepare but they always taste so good. Something about cooking over a fire and dining outdoors adds to the flavor. This is a plan for camping four days. I have two different breakfasts and two lunches that we rotate, with a different cooked…

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    What to Pack for Camping

    Continuing this week’s mini-series on camping, today I’m sharing my “annotated” packing list. I first compiled this list years ago when we were primarily tent campers. I’m sure your list will differ from mine, but hopefully this will give you a starting point. I would highly recommend customizing it for your family’s needs. Some of the equipment is redundant and some…

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    How to Plan Your First Camping Trip

    It’s official. Our vintage camper has been retired. We ended getting a newer one a couple of weeks ago. We are excited. It will definitely make camping a little more comfortable as well as give us the option for traveling with it if we want. As we are getting it set up and loaded with our equipment I pulled out…