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    Independent Play in Your Own Backyard

    The kids are home–and must stay home–but the sun is shining and spring has arrived. It’s the perfect time to send them outside to play! If your kids aren’t used to free play in the backyard you may wonder how to engage them and keep them occupied and interested in staying out there. It’s easier than you might think! Your…

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    Review: Cat Crimes Game

    Oh, no! A Crime has been committed! Someone has ruined my good red dress shoes! “How is that a crime?” you might ask. Good point. Ruining shoes is not against the law, that I know of. But play along with me. It’s just a game, after all. Didn’t I mention that? Well, it is. Cat Crimes I need your help…

  • Heritage

    Heirloom Bibles – Part 1

    The Maberry Bible “You’ll be getting a package in the mail soon,” my mother told me last fall. “I will?” I asked. “What kind of package?” “Mama ‘Berry’s Bible,” she told me. “Seriously?!” I didn’t know Mama ‘Berry’s Bible was still in existence. Mama ‘Berry was my great-great-grandmother who lived from 1872-1949. I mentioned her last year when I interviewed…

  • Heritage,  Literary Pursuits

    7th Grade Reading List from 1935

    As I’ve been gathering and archiving family documents I came across this list of books my great-aunt Bonnie read when she was in 7th grade in 1935-1936. Aunt Bonnie was Grandmother’s younger sister. This would have been the school year following Grandmother’s high school graduation. I recognize a number of the titles as books I’ve read–some of them when I…

  • Heritage

    An Ozark Farm

    In the very early years of my life, before I can remember, my Granddaddy traded 10 head of cattle and $500 for 12 acres of land. (That left him with 3 head of cattle, 2 horses, and probably $0.) This wonderful real estate bargain was on a dirt road 6 miles from the nearest highway. It was on a mountainside…

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    Fantasy Adventure Book Series

    I love it when friends ask me for book recommendations for their kids! My latest request comes from a local friend whose children are ages 8, 10, and 12. When I asked her what their interests were she said, “They’ve all recently read the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson series. They’re into reading a lot of the same stuff right…

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    Books I Read in 2019

    I have been tracking my reading for the past 4 years with Goodreads. For the previous 3 years my average was about 10 books a month with around 120 books total for the year. I didn't set a specific goal to read more this past year, but it turns out I read over 200 books in 2019.

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    Review: Coloring Bible for Girls

    I enjoy coloring and Bible journaling so I was interested to review the Beautiful Word Bible for Girls. I’m somewhat older than the target market of ages 8 to 12 but from what I could tell by looking at the pictures I didn’t see anything that I thought might be specific to that age range.