• Heritage

    MawMaw’s Bible

    The fourth family Bible in my collection belonged to my paternal grandmother, Annie Matil Jarrell Ezell. She lived from 1919 to 2009. We called her MawMaw.

  • Literary Pursuits

    Friday Freebies

    Happy Friday, friends! What better way to deal with the dreaded February doldrums than curling up with a good book and your hot beverage of choice, am I right? Or is that just me? As if my To Be Read list of books wasn’t long enough, I constantly keep an eye out for books that are free on Kindle. I…

  • Literary Pursuits

    5 YA Books Set in the 1940s

    If you are fascinated, as I am, with stories about the World War II time period, here are 5 middle-grade/young-adult titles that are worth a read. These are not so much about the battles and politics of the war, but more about how the war affected children and families in Europe.

  • Literary Pursuits

    “What If” Scenarios

    With so many unprecedented things happening this past year I find my mind going down all kinds “what if” rabbit holes. Without a doubt recent months have brought many major changes to life as we know it. Oddly enough, the one that has affected me the most–or at least how I think–was the stupid panic-buying of toilet paper last spring.…

  • Literary Pursuits

    Books I Read in 2020

    I’ve been tracking my reading for the past 5 years, and it turns out that 2020 was my biggest reading year yet. I guess that shouldn’t come as any surprise–2020 being what it was–but I actually didn’t have a lot of downtime like a many folks did. Since I work from home it was pretty much “business as usual” for…

  • Literary Pursuits

    Free eBooks for Christmas

    This is the time of year that I like to load up my Kindle with some fun, FREE Christmas stories for these cozy December evenings. I like to turn on the Christmas lights, maybe light a candle or two, and curl up in my reading corner with a knitting project, a cup of coffee, and my Kindle. (Yes, I can…

  • Homeschooling

    Braintopia Beyond

    Braintopia Beyond is a very active game for 2-6 players, with all the players involved on every turn. It would make a great family gift, perfect for hours of fun during the holidays.

  • Homeschooling

    Walls and Warriors

    The Walls and Warriors challenges are definitely suitable for adult brains as well as kids'! The recommendation is ages 8 to adult. This would be another good one for senior citizens for daily brain exercises.