One Sentence a Day – June


Wednesday. June 1.
Started my new part-time job at Progressive Printing: Rathdrum.

Thursday. June 2.
Our friend Jenae, who helped us move, flew back to Colorado because her parents wouldn’t let us adopt her.

Friday. June 3.
Painted the trim in the kitchen.

Saturday. June 4.
Enjoyed a short visit with friends from Montana.


Sunday. June 5.
Afternoon drive to Kellogg and then up the Coeur d’Alene River through the national forest.

Monday. June 6.
Redesigned the print shop website.

Tuesday. June 7.
Shopping trip to Costco after work.

Wednesday. June 8.
Helped out in the Post Falls shop in the morning.

Thursday. June 9.
Lovely weather: sunny with a cool breeze.

Friday. June 10.
Went on an evening drive north of here.

Saturday. June 11.
Lyle got the garage organized.


Sunday. June 12.
Afternoon drive to Priest Lake.

Monday. June 13.
Lyle built a privacy wall on one end of the patio for our little hot tub.

Tuesday. June 14.
A customer mentioned how much she liked the little table on the front porch.


Wednesday. June 15.
Gorgeous red sunset today.


Thursday. June 16.
Lyle and I hosted a booth for Progressive Printing at the Rathdrum Business Fair.

Friday. June 17.
Getting ready for my parents’ visit next week.

Saturday. June 18.
Grilled hot dogs for supper because that’s how we roll in the summertime.

Sunday. June 19.
Got to hug my Daddy for Father’s Day as he and Mother arrived late in the evening.


Monday. June 20.
Enjoyed a theological discussion with Dad sitting on the front porch in the afternoon.

Tuesday. June 21.
Mother and I went to Spokane to check out the local Goodwill Outlet store.

Wednesday. June 22.
Ran errands with Mother and Rebecca.

Thursday. June 23.
Had a very interesting after-hours “accidental” customer.


Friday. June 24.
Put together a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle with my parents and my kids in the evening.

Saturday. June 25.
Mother and Dad went home.

Sunday. June 26.
Relaxing day at home with a family worship service in the evening.

Monday. June 27.
Quiet at the shop, but worked on some contracted projects.

Tuesday. June 28.
Hot days, cool nights: typical north Idaho summer weather.

Wednesday. June 29.
Sometimes it’s just nice to have days when not much happens.

Thursday. June 30.
Trying to get back into my writing groove.

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