Oklahoma Road Trip

Follow along as we take a road trip across Oklahoma on Highway 412…

Last week, we made another trip to Arkansas to take the last of our stuff. We will be in Idaho for another 6 weeks or so. Then we plan to take a more relaxed vacation road trip with our travel trailer as our final moving trip.

These “quick” cargo trips have mostly been on the shortest route via Interstate. Even at that, it takes us three days each way to make the trip pulling a trailer. This time, we didn’t bring a trailer back with us, and with the 4th of July holiday, we had an extra day to dawdle a little. For one part of the trip, we chose to follow Highway 412 across northern Oklahoma.

I was especially interested in traveling across the panhandle, having read several novels about that area set during the Dust Bowl days of the Great Depression.

Of course, I will tell you what books they were, but before I do, I’m obligated to say that I’m using affiliate links, which means Amazon might pay me a little bit if you end up ordering after clicking my link.

Dust Bowl Stories

After reading those books and seeing historic photos like this one…

…it was hard to imagine that the serene pastoral landscape we drove through was once so devastated.

We didn’t have as much time to stop and learn more as I would have liked, but it was an interesting day. Check out our video:

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