Cruising through summer…

Summer is not over in our neck of the woods yet!
I noticed on Facebook this morning that it was the first day of school for many of my friends. It’s always exciting to start a new school year, but our summer has gone by so fast that I’m glad we have 2 more weeks of “summer vacation” to enjoy! Even the public schools here don’t start until after Labor Day, so that’s when we will start.
We enjoyed a day trip to the mountains this past weekend. We found 5 Geocaches along the way. That’s always a fun family activity!
Since I’m usually the one behind the camera, I take lots of pictures of my favorite man–much to his annoyance! This time I managed to get a shot with me in the picture… Isn’t that cute?
I kept an eye out for late summer wildflowers. According to my wildflower book this is a Spotted Knapweed. The book says it’s a “noxious weed” but I thought it was kinda pretty!
The bumblebee doesn’t seem to think it’s noxious!

As we drove along, admiring the scenery, I mused that Memorial Day was early this year… and Labor Day is late… so I asked my husband if that meant we had 2 extra weeks of summer? He laughed and said, no, we didn’t get 2 extra weeks in the year. But according to my calculations we did! What does the calendar know anyway?


  • The Going Blog

    It took your town a little longer to realize that it was summer so it doesn't want to go away just yet. Lucky for you 🙂 I'm afraid our kids are going to be soooo advanced since they start in the middle of summer Aug. 12. NOT!!! Wishing you some lazy summer days

  • Constance

    My HUB's hobby/passion is photography so when we are on vacation I will take my pictures usually from wherever he's standing because I know that it will be a great composition.

    Other times I just rely on scrapbooking a copy of his and I take more people pics. My favorites: photographing Dave taking a picture. I have great photos of him standing in a mountain stream or in a tree and so on…

    I love wildflowers but only the OB-noxious ones! Ha Ha!

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